Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just one more sandal shout out

Loeffler Randall's Selma Asymmetrical Sandal - I'm crazed over this sandal.


Ancient Greek Sandals

I've recently discovered the brand Ancient Greek Sandals, since the winged gladiator is all the rage right now. I like the winged gladiator, but their other sandals are so perfect that I'm becoming obsessed. I like everything so much I can't pull the trigger on what I want! I think you'll notice that I really gravitate towards Copper...check out their other cute shoes - http://www.ancient-greek-sandals.com/default.aspx

Nephele in Copper

Iphigenia in Metallic Mix

Phaidra in Platinum

Athena in Natural

Eros Knot in Copper

Clio in Copper

Customize Your Vara or Varinas!

You can now customize your Ferragamos! They are $550 a pair, but it is fun to dream! I noticed that they only offer you complimentary colors though. Depending on what you choose, they only give you colors that "go" - I guess they don't want us to go too crazy. However, I'd love to have a turquoise Varina with a sun or mushroom bow. Below are some that I've been playing with (I guess I must really love that brownish color!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is the punk glam I expected to see at the Met Gala

I was flipping through some of last year's Vogues last night and I came across this article about the rise of the Asian model. Interesting article, but content aside the styling for this spread is really dead on punk glam...you would think we would have seen more of this styling at the gala.

The Best Looks of the Met Gala 2013...

in my opinion...that being said, I think nearly everyone missed the mark on the whole punk theme...

Katy Perry

Minka Kelly

Linda Evangelista 

Sienna Miller

Leslie Mann

Cara Delevigne

Ashley Olsen

I think Sienna Miller really hit the nail on the head as did Cara Delevigne, but my favorite was Katy Perry (pictured with Dolce and Gabbana), because I love Dolce & Gabbana! Look at Ashley Olsen, rocking a caftan of her own design! She was on the worst dressed lists a lot places, but I refuse to hate on a caftan.