Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Re-mix Shoes

I was reminded of Re-Mix shoes because Dita Von Teese is wearing a black patent leather version of the above red Picasso Wedge by Re-mix. They make fab retro style shoes and there are a few styles on sale on Amazon right now! A really good sale that I still can't afford but still, gorgeous and comfy shoes (so I've been told). Nonetheless definite eye candy, the store is located at 7605 1/2 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90036.

Dita Von Teese at Coachella

I meant to do this earlier, but I guess having some perspective on the looks of Coachella is good. I always really like to see what people wear to outdoor festivals because it is a less than optimal situation for fashion (hot, sweaty, dehydrated, stinky feet, etc.). Anyhow, Dita Von Teese always looks impeccable and she doesn't even disappoint in the outdoors. Her secret? I believe it is hydration, constant hydration, in most of the images she is holding a drink. Most of these looks would fail on anyone else, but the last ensemble is my favorite and could translate well on us civilians.

Hippie de Luxe du Jour - Vanessa Paradis

Elle France October 2008.

Some Sum Sum Summertime Inspiration!

Vogue August 1940.

Vogue Australia July 2009.

Emma Roberts in Teen Vogue March 2009.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sandal and Sock Situation

This is the week to ponder to sandal sock or to not sandal sock, or even to heel sock. I like the look but have not been bold enough to try it myself. I even bought some cute blush hansel from basel ankle socks to wear with my 1940s sandals and shorts (the shorts are an ordeal of their own for another time and place), but can't bring myself to take the look out for a spin. I used to make fun of sandal socks before I worked with a woman who did it really right. In fact there was a guy that we used to call "sad sandal sock guy" on our campus in New Mexico. Anyway lets take a look at the various ways to sandal sock.


Sevigny (a genre all her own)

True vintage (it is harder than you would think to find a good vintage sandal sock shot)

A modern tweeny take on a vintage look.

Modern - slouchy - weird - like - A LOT.

Prada - avant garde....I remember when this spread first came out, I was so in love, and so excited that I could pull out all of my thigh high socks that had lost elasticity! All you have to do is wear tights underneath and voila, they magically cling to those darn droopy socks. I'm going to have to remember this look this coming fall and winter. Prada has some pretty hot socks out right now, believe me I scoured the internet to find this spread.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Inventory

Vintage Pauline Trigere for Bonwit Teller maxi dress. This dress is at least 20 years old as Pauline Trigere stopped dress making in 1994 and Bonwit Teller dissolved in 1990. It has a fitted slip and a floral silk overlay. I'm kind of in love with this dress but it is too small for me, so up on ebay it goes.

Pauline Trigere was a French born American designer who was known for her well tailored clothing. She was the daughter of a tailor and later married a tailor before starting her own dress business with her brother in New York. She was also known for being a sassy broad who only wore her own designs. She is a classic favorite of vintage collectors and her designs are timeless. I feel like photos just don't do this piece justice, it is really lovely.

New Inventory

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tunic/sack dress in maroon wool jersey with navy blue accents on the collar, cuffs and sleeves. This will be offered up on ebay in about a month with a very low starting bid. Don't really want to give it up, but need the money!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caftan Time with Star Trek!

Awe, cute, it is a tiny Enterprise pendant!

She loves her caftan (really that is what is going on here, she is talking about the luxury of her clothing).

Total de luxe moment.

I was doing some costume research for Star Trek and came across the awesome sheer caftan by William Ware Theiss. The episode is "Catspaw" which stars Antoinette Bower as Sylvia. Sylvia is an alien who usually takes the form of a cat but takes the form of a human so she can romance Kirk. The scene is gothic castle (or trick-or-treat castle as they call it in the episode), which makes it even more difficult to conjure up images of caftan, but I think it works.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chris Benz Resort 2011

I'm newly acquainted with the designs of Chris Benz, but I think that this Resort 2011 collection is really interesting and modern as well as sufficiently 60s for me. Take a look at my favorites from the show!

I'm really into the nautical effect of the shoes with the rope ankle straps as well as the proportions of the ensembles. I like the billowy short tops with the loose fitting pants.
Classic maxi.
Classic, feels like the outfit a hostess would wear at her Malibu dinner party in the summer.
Again, here I just like the suit becoming resort. Very chic, but with the ropey sandals and fun collar and cuff accents, very cute.
This is like a Fellini film.
I LOVE this, it reminds me a lot of the vintage Ossie Clark dress I posted earlier.
For your bbq in Palm Springs!
Again here, strange proportions and yet it is working. Seeing this is making me feel brave, maybe brave enough to try this look on my own.