Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And One More

This is a great Diane Von Furstenberg dress that I got at a Thrift Store in San Pedro California for like 8 dollars, it needed a little mending but now I wear it constantly. As far as the other items, I have been trying to collect knits, and learn more about knitwear from different designers. I received a unique YSL sweater from my boyfriend for my birthday (which I need to photograph) it kind of has an alpine theme strangely enough. The bright orange dresses are both Hong Kong knits which apparently are the mark of quality in vintage clothes, I am still trying to find out more information on that since I always have associated Italy as being the finest knitwear. Anyway the long sleeve dress is from the Pasadena City College flea market and the other Marco Polo dress is from Goodwill. The ESCADA sweater KILLS me, I'm insane for it and the Jil Sander sweater (which retail would be like 800 dollars!) I got at Saint Joseph Thrift Center in Santa Monica California, and the prices are magnificent. I got those sweaters and an H&M dress for 40 bucks. I was one click away from putting the Jil Sander sweater up on ebay but my heart told me it might be my only chance to have such a fine delicate expensive sweater. This is why I will never be a power seller on ebay, I am emotionally attached to my clothes.

More Thrifty Finds!

Can you tell I'm into knits lately?

Spring Collection - Thrift Store Style

I've been doing a lot of thrift store shopping and I thought that I would share some of my recent finds.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hippie De Luxe Du Jour - The Return Of HDLDJ

Goldie Hawn!!!! I am a firm believer that the look of hippie de luxe can be glam, mod, or hippie and Goldie Hawn is definitely on the more hippieish side of the de luxe. She has always been one of my favorite style icons, especially in the 1960s where she worked both the mod look and the hippie look simultaneously and created a wonderful combination of put together but also fun and free.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caftans, Maxi-Dresses, and Gladiator Sandals...Oh My!

I find gladiator sandals as confusing as I find the maxi-dress, an intense love-hate relationship is ours. I just bought my first pair of gladiator(ish) sandals at Forever 21 (of all places), which are braided (I know), and denim (I know! shut up!). The most interesting part of this story is that I can't stop wearing them, I adore them, and now I am on ebay every second looking for more similar sandals. This reminds me of my affair with my first maxi-dress (which I also wore today with my 13.00 sandals).

Needless to say, I am making preparations for summer, the summer of amazing resort wear, caftans, and the hippie de luxe. After all hippie de luxe fashion really shines in the summer and interestingly Forever 21 has great hippie de luxe fashion currently. I found an adorable mini caftan with a beaded collar and made of printed silk. There are also many caftans as well as 60s polyester print mini dresses. I have looked for images on the website with no luck or maybe the clothes just look different on the toddlers modeling them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Droxine

I'm Busy This Week!

I've been doing research for work this week, and part of the research pertains to star trek and its amazing costumes. This is one of them, meet Droxine. Wouldn't this be killer resort wear, well, if you had this body. I believe the episode is Cloud Minders?