Sunday, August 8, 2010

Annabelle Paris - Starry Night Dress @ Decades

So I said that I was going to research Annabelle Paris more, but I scrolled down on the Decades blog and learned a little more. Annabelle Vinbert grew up in the French textile business and formed her own company in 1975 (Annabelle Paris). Her influences were Yves Saint Laurent and Thea Porter, a winning combo if you ask me. She created lingerie, evening and resort wear (my favorite). I'm sure that there is much more to learn about her, but she is alive and Decades has spoken on the phone with her. They actually have several of her dresses on the blog right now, but this one is my favorite so far. Do people still dress up for dinner parties? I feel like comfy elegance is key to dinner party wear, but it seems that we go for the comfy comfy rather than elegant comfy these days. Also, for me at least, dressing up in my apartment for dinner doesn't feel right. The apartment is so small, I feel that I might snag or stain my nice clothes easily. Maybe someday when I have a large house, dining room or yard (hey I'll take a deck or terrace even) and a catering staff (and a large bib) I'll start dressing for my dinner parties. When I do start dressing up, I want to wear something like this starry night dress, so gorgeous. It looks like it would be flattering and comfortable after a night of eating as well!

Esther Williams: Girl of Summer

It's Esther Williams birthday today!!! Just the thought of EW makes me smile. Please enjoy this photo spread from Life Magazine.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Annabelle Paris Maxi-Dress @ Decades

I don't know anything about Annabelle Paris, but I just found this on the Decades blog (already sold of course). The dress is not dated but the other one listed (which I didn't like as much) is circa 1980s, so I'm guessing this one is too. It really doesn't feel 1980s, except for maybe the material. Anyhow, it is really lovely and makes me want to research this Annabelle Paris. I'll let you know what I find out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just One More Pinch of Martha

The hair...the sweater...the sandals...the cow. I feel that this must have been an inspiration for the J. Crew catalog.

Hippie de Luxe du Jour: Martha Stewart

I was just looking at D-listed and the birthday slut featured is a young model Martha Stewart, and it got me looking at images of young Martha. Wow, very gorgeous. This woman has had quite a life. Happy birthday MS!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Private Reserve

So, in preparation for my trip to Europe next week...I am taking items from my "private reserve" (I say laughing) to sell on ebay. I'll share some with you here....

1st we have a vintage 1940's handmade hand-painted circle skirt from Mexico. The motif is of a Mexican village with a large pink and red church featured prominently. I've had this for years and bought it at an antique mall in Albuquerque. It was expensive even then, but I had to have it. Anyway as the old story goes, I have hardly worn it, but like to look at it. Therefore, it has to go, so that more things that I like and wear can come into my life. Anyhow, vintage Mexican circle skirts are awesome, and they are in abundance on ebay right now. The prices range from 20-500 dollars. I have seen them sold at Mister Freedom in Los Angeles for several hundred.

Next up is a vintage wool Gucci skirt with leather logo tassels that cinch the waist. I thought I could make it work...I couldn't. Isn't it cool though?

Lastly (at least last of the things that I want to share), is a rare vintage (well, I don't know about vintage, but it is old) Imitation of Christ skirt that I LOVE. However, I mostly like it as an object and less as a piece of clothing that looks good on me. I believe that it came from Opening Ceremony because I wore it on my one and only trip to Opening Ceremony and the guy working told me that he remembered it. In case you are wondering, the text on the skirt reads"And when he spoke the words hung as if there was a pulpit to catch them if they fell." So anyway, this is a rarity as it is early or earlier Imitation of Christ by Tara Subkoff, and I'm pretty sure that label is now defunct.