Monday, April 26, 2010

Ruminations On Summer Bags

This particular style of Gucci bag is my favorite, I love the contrast of the red and green with the beige logo print. Any of the Gucci bags with this color combination I want. I want. I want. I want. This all started with a trip to Sears the other day on a mission to buy some undershirts. There I found this Lands End canvas tote and it got me thinking about my upcoming trip to France. I thought hey, I really don't have a good summer bag (I really don't). Being a high maintenance person I need with me at all times, food, water, sedatives, etc. Usually I just carry a big tote with me and just let said items slosh around. On a trip, I feel like I should be more prepared. So naturally I thought hmm, Ralph Lauren, my go to for everything. The problem is that the one bag I want is too expensive, but sooooo cool you can buy it through I couldn't find an image of the pink version of this bag, but it is even better than this.

Anyway, so I started searching ebay for Ralph Lauren totes, vintage canvas totes, Burberry totes, it finally escalated to Chanel bucket bags (I deserve it, right?). Anyway I found a super super awesome Fendi canvas tote not too much, but is a tote best for travel? I had had my heart set on totes (because they look and feel summery), but I hadn't really occurred to me that an expensive tote is still a tote. Your pills and bananas and passport are still going to be sloshing around in there. Also, I feel like when you travel you want your hands free a tote you often have to push back onto your shoulder. So I think I'm headed for a vintage Gucci messenger bag. These bags are really useful, aesthetically pleasing, and not very expensive used. Plus I think that their style is timeless and therefore a good value. There, I've just convinced myself. Off to ebay!

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