Monday, July 12, 2010

Blair's Hair: Part 1

I'm really behind on Gossip Girl, like 2 seasons behind. I guess one could say that I actually do not follow GG. However, I really like it, but the storylines stress me out. I get too easily involved in teen dramas for some reason. Anyway, the part that I forgot about is the awesome fashion in the show. I'm beginning season 2 now, and GG is in the Hamptons. Great summer inspiration for clothes and hair. There is some great men's fashion in these episodes but I'm pretty much just focused on Blair, and more specifically Blair's hair. I've been wanting to wear scarves (and do wear a scarf instead of a hat to the beach) but I just don't know how. So here is one Blair scarf look that I am going to study, and practice. More Blair's hair to come....

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