Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here Again...

Hi all, I've been away from the blog for awhile, got a job, but lost the drive to write and post. I think that I also lost my inspiration for fashion! However, with the holiday season upon us and so many fun parties to go to, I have regained my want to dress fancy and look pretty! I wore a great vintage 60s Star Trek looking dress to a party last weekend on a whim (my friend gave it to me awhile ago and I thought that I would never wear it), and it was a hit! So I decided outrageous vintage is going to be my look for the holiday season. I've been shopping around on ebay, but I think that this is going to have to be a Jewish Women's Council Thrift Store operation (these are located in the L.A. area). The JWC Thift shops are great for affordable vintage in good shape (by affordable I mean there are deals, but things are not cheap), and a good selection. I don't trust ebay for vintage dresses because of sizing, but I have found lots of great coats to go over the dresses which usually work - there will be an upcoming post on coats found on ebay. Anyway it is my hope to post 12 days of holiday dresses (we'll see). At least I can post the one dress that I wore the other night. I'm going to use Miss Yvonne as model of how I want my holiday wardrobe to look. Go big or go home!


  1. so glad you're back...anxious to see the '60;s party dress...liz

  2. YES!! I'm so glad Hippie Deluxe is back!! And I love this renewed interest in the over the top fashion... so necessary!!

  3. Yay! Thanks guy!I'm looking forward to getting paid so I can get this show on the road!