Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Shopper Monster!!! Anna Sui Edition

I was applying my long lived and long loved Anna Sui Dolly Girl lipstick from years and years ago and I wished that I could have more of it. I use my loved makeup so sparingly that occasionally it goes bad. Sad. Anyway I was looking on ebay when...behold!!! It is the Summer 2011 Anna Sui Dolly Girl collection - lipstick and mascara. I got all excited about it and it can be purchased on the urban outfitters website (which sort of ruins it for me but anyway). I love the Russian doll packaging, but my dolly girl lipstick looks like a flapper and I kind of prefer that.

While I ponder the intricacies of my feelings for the new design for dolly girl, I might probably definitely (maybe?) buy some of this kooky Paul and Joe lipstick....luckily the packaging is cool, so that there is something to look at when the sculpted cat is gone!

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