Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Opulent Sari Style - Marchesa Spring 2013

I keep watching travel shows about India and I'm so in love with sari style. I think the look is so elegant and flattering and hits and hides all the right places. I was really pleased to see that Marchesa took this and created the most gorgeous opulent version of saris. I like that even though these are the most fancy of saris that they are styled with flat shoes and flat sandals (minus the first model). It really makes me rethink the elegance of a flat shoe. I think we are supposed  to think that flats are office wear and that going out only a heel is appropriate...anyway....back to saris!

When I take a closer look, I feel like these are almost like Greek Goddess meets sari. The middle blue dress blows my mind it is so stunning.

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