Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kim Basinger 9 1/2 Weeks

People don't like to talk about 9 1/2 Weeks because I think they don't want to look like perverts. I just saw it and I really liked it. Although, I have to say, what I liked best was the costuming for Kim Basinger. Really bleak color, gigantic shapes swimming around her body, the fashion actually felt very current in its large shapelessness. Then taking a cue from Mickey Rourke she starts dressing in tight well fitted skirt suits with those exquisite Balmain shoulders that I would have hated if not for my recent love of this film, Kate and Allie, and I am entering the late 70s early 80s in my Yves Saint Laurent biography. Therefore I am in a late 70s early 80s haze, the more shoulders the better.

Anyway, so we have the two extremes with this film, the loose shapeless clothes which felt very Japanese like Comme des Garcons, and the tight Balmain-like suits. I have been reading a lot of things lately that talk about clothes for women, or clothes that women love to wear, such as Yves Saint Laurent trapeze dresses, suits, or kaftans, or even Comme des Garcons large avant garde dresses. I was even reading about Marni the other day, which tends to be on the large and unusual side, and how these clothes are clothes for women to wear and love. They are for a woman's pleasure to wear even though men aren't so keen on the shapelessness. I thought that this was illustrated nicely in 9 1/2 weeks, plus look at that hair and make-up!

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