Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My inspirations for starting this thing is a sudden fascination with fashion history. The realization that the current top fashion houses have existed for longer than I had thought. When you consider that Christian Dior died in 1957 (and only had his fashion house for about 11 years before his death) and yet the name and style continues to evolve, it is pretty impressive, not to mention inspirational (inspirational in that he was a late bloomer and also very shy).

I never considered the business of fashion, much like I never thought of the business of film and television before my studies in college. I never considered the shares and mergers portion of fashion houses, nor the importance of licensing. I have always been one to really like the over the top fashion logo jewelry of Chanel, and Dior without thinking of the power that those brand names had over me (and still do even though I know it is marketing). Unlike the film industry which has slowly lost its magic (for me anyway) by learning more about it, fashion, I find becomes more fascinating.

So hopefully, someone will read this once I have my bearings and actually have something informative to say. I have been reading the Alice Rawsthorn biography on Yves Saint Laurent and it is very informative (although at times grammatically incorrect - which is forgivable!) and it really breaks down the business of fashion, and has made me want to dig deeper.

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