Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While I work on my Winter beach body, and look for that perfect swimsuit that says "Winter," I have to share my love of the label Mociun by Caitlin Mociun. These clothes are my favorite year round clothes, both because the material is heavy and warm but the cuts are summery, exactly the look that I have been searching for. Also, the cloths are so bizarre and stylish that they will outlast trend and withstand seasonal change. I only have one Mociun dress, and I am obsessed with it, it is a bold look but when I wear it I feel magical. Mociun is all about about exotic fabric, unusual shapes, and for me is timeless. I really feel thick fabrics cut for summer styles is the way L.A.ers should be going. For me, I usually wear an odd shaped dress with leggings and a cardigan in winter and it serves me well. Mociun is like an upgrade to my little strange cotton dresses. Also my theory is when buying clothes, buy classics (thank you Edith Head) or buy something unique and bizarre, both the classics and the bizarres (can't be trendy bizarre, it has to be something truly different) can be worn for years and years. Anyway just a thought.

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