Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mrs. Roper - Queen of the Caftans

We cannot discuss caftan fashion without mentioning the Queen - Mrs. Roper from Three's Company. I haven't found a suitable image but I felt that she should not be left out. Also I think that I have a hard time defining caftans versus maxi-dresses, or mumus for that matter. I like caftans and maxi-dresses, and I think that what I have presented this week is a good mix of both. I like to think that the caftan is more 60s/70s inspired and "hippieish" and the maxi dress is more summery and brightly colored. A mumu however is something I consider unflattering and not good. The former are glamorous resort wear or chic summer clothes and a mumu is a mumu no matter where you are.

So keeping that in mind...caftans and maxi-dresses forever and may we never get caught in a mumu. Tomorrow I am going to announce a new Queen of the caftan based on this weeks research (aka searching "caftan," and "Mrs. Roper" on google as well as looking at fashion police websites).


  1. you're right! caftans DO NOT equal Muumuus! Your caftans of Star Trek post cracked me up, btw.


  2. Thanks for looking! I'll check out your blog!