Sunday, August 8, 2010

Annabelle Paris - Starry Night Dress @ Decades

So I said that I was going to research Annabelle Paris more, but I scrolled down on the Decades blog and learned a little more. Annabelle Vinbert grew up in the French textile business and formed her own company in 1975 (Annabelle Paris). Her influences were Yves Saint Laurent and Thea Porter, a winning combo if you ask me. She created lingerie, evening and resort wear (my favorite). I'm sure that there is much more to learn about her, but she is alive and Decades has spoken on the phone with her. They actually have several of her dresses on the blog right now, but this one is my favorite so far. Do people still dress up for dinner parties? I feel like comfy elegance is key to dinner party wear, but it seems that we go for the comfy comfy rather than elegant comfy these days. Also, for me at least, dressing up in my apartment for dinner doesn't feel right. The apartment is so small, I feel that I might snag or stain my nice clothes easily. Maybe someday when I have a large house, dining room or yard (hey I'll take a deck or terrace even) and a catering staff (and a large bib) I'll start dressing for my dinner parties. When I do start dressing up, I want to wear something like this starry night dress, so gorgeous. It looks like it would be flattering and comfortable after a night of eating as well!

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