Sunday, August 1, 2010

Private Reserve

So, in preparation for my trip to Europe next week...I am taking items from my "private reserve" (I say laughing) to sell on ebay. I'll share some with you here....

1st we have a vintage 1940's handmade hand-painted circle skirt from Mexico. The motif is of a Mexican village with a large pink and red church featured prominently. I've had this for years and bought it at an antique mall in Albuquerque. It was expensive even then, but I had to have it. Anyway as the old story goes, I have hardly worn it, but like to look at it. Therefore, it has to go, so that more things that I like and wear can come into my life. Anyhow, vintage Mexican circle skirts are awesome, and they are in abundance on ebay right now. The prices range from 20-500 dollars. I have seen them sold at Mister Freedom in Los Angeles for several hundred.

Next up is a vintage wool Gucci skirt with leather logo tassels that cinch the waist. I thought I could make it work...I couldn't. Isn't it cool though?

Lastly (at least last of the things that I want to share), is a rare vintage (well, I don't know about vintage, but it is old) Imitation of Christ skirt that I LOVE. However, I mostly like it as an object and less as a piece of clothing that looks good on me. I believe that it came from Opening Ceremony because I wore it on my one and only trip to Opening Ceremony and the guy working told me that he remembered it. In case you are wondering, the text on the skirt reads"And when he spoke the words hung as if there was a pulpit to catch them if they fell." So anyway, this is a rarity as it is early or earlier Imitation of Christ by Tara Subkoff, and I'm pretty sure that label is now defunct.


  1. Wait, are these going with you to Europe of helping you go to Europe..? Either way you'll return with more things to fill your closet..

  2. Perhaps you will come back with things that will eventually make it to my closet! Chop Chop!

  3. Do you have an Ebay store? If so, what's the name?

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  5. I do not have an ebay store, but will be opening an etsy store in the next several months and will keep everyone updated...thanks for the interest!