Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thrify Finds

The photo does do this piece justice. This is a vintage cotton knit top by Issey Miyake that I found at the thrift store up the street (where I also got a previously posted Issey Miyake dress). I got it for a discount (15 bucks!) because the lady working was so excited that I was buying this caftan...

That's right vintage caftan from Pakistan (say this several times to perfect your speech). I've been promising to put a pic of me in this monster because, personally I think it looks better on than on the hanger. However I feel like the photo has to be just right, I might take it out to the beach on the weekend and get a pic then, perhaps a sunset?

Anyway so I got this and because of this purchase I was able to get the Issey Miyake shirt for 15, but it had stains. The lady who worked their told me to use oxiclean and it totally worked. So there is my plug for oxiclean, use it, it works. Also use Woolite Dark for all of your colors.

1 comment:

  1. This looks pretty great on the hanger... but I'm sure even better on... hopefully with some extremely big gold bangles.. Love!