Saturday, June 12, 2010

Balenciaga Resort 2010

Here are some highlights of the Balenciaga Resort 2010 collection. I really feel like most of it doesn't feel resorty at all, but I still like it. At least there are some interesting ideas about resort wear in here.

The above two ensembles are the most resorty as this collection gets. It is all about the texture of the dresses (linen I'm guessing), the color (beige), the contrasting belt, and the striped woven bag with leather accents. The shoes are awesome although they look a lot like Marni shoes.

I just really like this one for the texture and contrasting orange belt. I'm sorry, clogs (even open toe clogs) are not coming back.

No complaints, this is good. I will call this a successful resort ensemble!

What?! Personally I don't feel that these are resort, but I LOVE them. This is how I want to dress this fall the cut, fit and lines are perfection.

Pleated shorts, successfully reference 1940s short style, but remain modern. Like.
Hello Courreges.
OK, so in this collection there are a series of these micro puffy dresses in different sleeve lengths, colors, and patterns. I like them because they are sort of little girlish, but sufficiently womanly and modern. These are right up my alley (as they say). However, I really hate how small the model's legs look! I know that is cliche, disliking too skinny of models, but still. I guess that I should just look at the model as a hanger with legs.

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