Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Inventory

Vintage Pauline Trigere for Bonwit Teller maxi dress. This dress is at least 20 years old as Pauline Trigere stopped dress making in 1994 and Bonwit Teller dissolved in 1990. It has a fitted slip and a floral silk overlay. I'm kind of in love with this dress but it is too small for me, so up on ebay it goes.

Pauline Trigere was a French born American designer who was known for her well tailored clothing. She was the daughter of a tailor and later married a tailor before starting her own dress business with her brother in New York. She was also known for being a sassy broad who only wore her own designs. She is a classic favorite of vintage collectors and her designs are timeless. I feel like photos just don't do this piece justice, it is really lovely.

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