Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tilda Swinton Has A Perfume

The perfume is called Etat Libre D'Orange - which is The Free State of Orange. At first I thought gross, this orange thing points to citrus, which I HATE in a perfume. When Swinton explained the orange, it is much more along the lines of harvest smells, pumpkins and carrots and things like that - earthy orange colors. I don't think anyone could have made their opinion of Etat Libre D'Orange more convoluted than New York Times' critic Chandler Burr by saying "It's a below-the-surface gourmand," and continues with: "It is a contemporary, abstract expressionist perfume, late twentieth century. It does not contain any shock values that some of the super-neons — like those made for Britney Spears, or Gucci Rush kind of pioneered that, that overtly artificial scent — it doesn't have any of that. But it is not representational art at all, it's conceptual, that's why it's abstract expressionist. And it doesn't give you any landmarks." For comparison: "Pamela Anderson's was the worst celebrity scent," he said. "It was something you wouldn't even have in a CVS, literally. BeyoncĂ©'s is good: It was a well-made, commercial, feminine scent. I was very disappointed in Queen Latifah — it just doesn't have any character at all."

Chew on that.

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