Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sandal and Sock Situation

This is the week to ponder to sandal sock or to not sandal sock, or even to heel sock. I like the look but have not been bold enough to try it myself. I even bought some cute blush hansel from basel ankle socks to wear with my 1940s sandals and shorts (the shorts are an ordeal of their own for another time and place), but can't bring myself to take the look out for a spin. I used to make fun of sandal socks before I worked with a woman who did it really right. In fact there was a guy that we used to call "sad sandal sock guy" on our campus in New Mexico. Anyway lets take a look at the various ways to sandal sock.


Sevigny (a genre all her own)

True vintage (it is harder than you would think to find a good vintage sandal sock shot)

A modern tweeny take on a vintage look.

Modern - slouchy - weird - like - A LOT.

Prada - avant garde....I remember when this spread first came out, I was so in love, and so excited that I could pull out all of my thigh high socks that had lost elasticity! All you have to do is wear tights underneath and voila, they magically cling to those darn droopy socks. I'm going to have to remember this look this coming fall and winter. Prada has some pretty hot socks out right now, believe me I scoured the internet to find this spread.

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