Sunday, September 12, 2010


This is a pic of me in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris. Points of interest (other than the palace) are the Marc Jacobs store and also a vintage couture shop which was featured on The Rachel Zoe Project which I didn't see until after returned (bummer). Anyway just around the corner is also the Martin Margiela store which is very cool VERY COOL. Obviously MM is too expensive for paupers like me, but the staff was friendly (especially in the men's store) and the clothes made you feel as if you were in a gallery rather than a retailer.

While in Paris we basically set aside a day to go to the expensive shops to look around. We hit Agnes B., Y's (Yohji Yamamoto), Kenzo, MM and A.P.C. (which I mentioned before). Agnes B. was great, although even though I couldn't afford it, didn't really see anything worth mentioning. Kenzo on the other hand was better than expected. Under the direction of Antonio Marras the brand is having an avant garde renaissance. The store was full of high end cocoons, exciting patterns, just pure bizarre luxury. Plus, the staff was very friendly (I think you can tell by now that this is important to me). Also we just happened upon the Y's store (which I have to admit that I didn't know that this was a Yohji Yamamoto store). Anyhow, Y's is one of Yamamoto's stores with different Yamamoto labels like LIMI Feu. Insane, if you go to Paris, GO HERE. Seriously, the clothes are so strange and so well made, it is a treat to be in the same room with them. The sales lady (surprise surprise) was sooooo nice! She answered all of my stupid questions about the designer, who I didn't realize was Yamamoto. Oh well.

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