Monday, September 13, 2010

Tombees Du Camion @ Marche Vernaison

We went to the flea market in Paris Marche aux Puces (I think this is how it is spelled), and within this is the Marche Vernaison. Marche Vernaison is the antique portion, and also had some lovely stalls for vintage couture clothes. I didn't take down the names of these stalls, but if you go you will find them. The owners are not very friendly, but it is fun to sort through very expensive Pucci and YSL. We came upon Tombees Du Camion, and kept returning during the day to buy more and more stuff. Tombees is a concept store which sells French dead stock from the early 20th century to the 1970s (all never been used). Above is the card, and there are other locations with different concepts (I think that flowers or birds was one of them). Anyhow here are some shots of Justin and I in the shop. If you go to Paris, this market, but especially this shop is worth the trip.

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