Friday, September 10, 2010

Porselli Ballerinas at A.P.C.

This Fall A.P.C. and the dance brand Porselli are collaborating and producing some super cute and comfy (or so they seem) ballet flats. I saw them in person at the A.P.C. store in Paris, where the workers were not very friendly. Luckily I was so taken by the shoes that I didn't notice said unfriendliness. These shoes can be purchased for $175 at A.P.C. stores (New York and Los Angeles) or at,866.html. I love when dance companies put out street shoes. First there was Repetto, now Porselli, and I also saw some Bloch shoes in stores as well. Dance companies really know feet and use ultra soft leather. So far, I think that the Porselli ballerinas are the most stylish though.

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