Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Ebay Watch List

So I think that I'm going to start posting my ebay watch list every Sunday. Just because I'm broke and can't buy stuff on ebay doesn't mean that you can't have what I want! I pretty much only look at things which I consider deals, so the things that are dream articles will have their own postings for inspiration.

Vintage Courreges Jacket

Chanel Double C Logo Stud Earring - The pic isn't great so I won't post it. So it is just one earring, but here is my thinking...wear the one, get a silver or gold or some other kind of stud. Chanel earrings are really really expensive otherwise.

Martin Margiela Slouchy Dress - Also here the pic isn't great - but cool dress very affordable, I don't think it will go for very much.

Vintage Chanel Buttons - and there are a lot of Chanel buttons listed, but I especially like these (and they are very affordable). Buttons you say? Make them into pendants, rings, use as buttons, create a brooch or earrings, this is a set so the possibilities are there.

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