Monday, May 3, 2010

Francoise Hardy - The Look

Francoise Hardy - French pop singer and the epitome of cool for all hip Parisians in the 1960s. For instance Yves Saint Laurent used to just hang out with his entourage and listen to Francoise Hardy records and experiment with drugs, what could be a better endorsement! Seriously, she's got the look, but her music if you haven't heard it will make your heart break for the French 60s you will never experience.

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  1. Love her music and have a few LPs. John Paul Jones was one of her arrangers before he joined Led Zeppelin. I always thought of her as the French Jackie DeShannon. It's hard to think of many women outside of these two who were writing AND singing their own songs (and making $, not that making $ makes one great) during this period. Or maybe I need to be schooled.