Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remembering House of Rochas

The fashion house Rochas was founded in 1925 by Marcel Rochas, the pioneer of skirts with pockets. Other than these skirts, Rochas was well known for the perfume Femme, but was never very acclaimed for high fashion. This is until 2003 when Belgian born Olivier Theyskens (pictured above) became the creative director for Rochas. He created a neo-Edwardian silhouette for the house which was critically acclaimed. Unfortunately, or I guess fortunately Theyskens is rebellious and refused to brand the label with affordable accessory lines. Proctor and Gamble who own the Rochas label were not to pleased and in 2006 discontinued the Rochas fashion portion of the house. I respect that Theyskens stuck to his guns, as branding and fashion are two separate entities. However, it is hard for a label to exist and not brand, as couture (and in many instances ready-to-wear) does not come cheap and production and labor is expensive. Anyhow don't cry for Theyskens, he is beautiful, the artistic director of Nina Ricci, AND is only 33! Also I just read that he is teaming up with Theory to create an affordable fashion line (I'm hoping that there will be just a little hint of Edwardian in there!). Anyhow, here is his fall 2005 collection for the House of Rochas, which has haunted my dreams for years....

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