Friday, May 7, 2010

Look Who's Looking All Hippie De Luxe

Here we have Lea Michele from Glee looking very De Luxe. I think she looks great although she is stepping into Margherita Missoni territory, which I guess is good. I did find this image finally on gofugyourself. I don't think it is fugly at all though, but I do not like Glee.

I watched all of last season, but by the end the song and dance numbers just made me feel really embarrassed. Glee is not cringe worthy like some episodes of My So-Called Life, which are embarrassingly relateable. I'm also not embarrassed for the performers, nor am I embarrassed for watching the show. Here's what it is...I don't mind a song and dance in context, like let's say the kids are performing a song on stage - great. I don't like when the whole scene changes to randomly accommodate a music video. There it is out there, I feel better.

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