Monday, May 3, 2010

The Look

Can't really explain the look, but I know it when I see it. It is the 1960s bohemian brunette look? It is the look that I cherish and hope to achieve, or hope that I am achieving? So many questions. The look is traditionally held by brunettes - long hair and bangs are crucial. Slender lanky physiques also help "the look." Maybe I should just say who has "the look" and that will explain what and who I love - Francoise Dorleac (above), Francoise Hardy, Anna Karina - all from the 1960s. Currently those who pull of this 60s look - Chan Marshall, Charlotte Gainsbourg - and well that is about it - Sophia Coppola is VERY close. Perhaps it is just the 1960s French look and perhaps I associate it with brunettes because I'm a brunette and therefore focus on brunette looks, which is why (though I love Catherine Denueve) I feel a closeness to Dorleac that I just can't have for Deneuve. Pencil pants! Striped shirts! French New Wave!!! It is definitely a French thing and definitely a 1960s thing. I'll put up some more images of "the look" and see what happens.

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